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10 May 2010 @ 01:48 pm
Stelena Picspam with Commentary 1x03: Friday Night Bites  
Hey, again :) Thanks for the feedback, glad to know you guys are enjoying the picspams. It's been fun for me to re-watch the old eppies, too. I've always really liked this episode in particular, so it was fun to do the picspam.

Here it goes ...

Elena's beaming. And after locking lips with Stefan Salvatore...? Who wouldn't be?

Oh, erm, right, apparently maybe Bonnie. ::Awkward:: Wing Woman has transformed into Mrs. Buzzkillington. After making a lot of forced, lame attempts to sell Elena on playing the field (who, by the way is SO not budging from Stefan apparently), Bonnie finally admits that her Spider/ Wtich senses are tingling.
Bonnie: I accidentally touched Stefan...and I got a really bad feeling.

Lol, okay, so out of context (and even still a little in context) that sentence sounded really, really wrong.

Elena does a good job of being like "Um, loopy much," without being mean, and then explaining how good things with she and Stefan are going: 

"But, I feel good. It's been a hard year, and I'm starting to feel like things are getting back to normal again (HA!), and Stefan's a big part of that."

Stefan: Morning, Elena....

Remembers other people in the world exist--and the ever so important eyesex aside--ignoring them is rude.

Stefan: Morning, Bonnie.

Apparently Bonnie, however, doesn't mind being rude and jets, sending more than one distasteful look Stefan's way.

Lol, love Stefan's expression and deadpan voice here: "She doesn't like me very much."

Elena: "She doesn't know you...but when she does, she will love you (Like I do ;) )

Then they go to discuss what other matching outfits they'll be wearing for the next week. Hehe, seriously, not only do these two look so pretty together, they often match. Like right down to the over the shoulder messenger bag match.

Cancer Puppy and Jerk Face (later to be somewhat redeemed, I guess) notice this two. But, who doesn't? Two adorable--straight off a romance novel cover-looking soulmates strolling in the quad is kind of eye-catching.
Tyler: There's Elena and her new boyfriend. And, what are they doing? Oh, they're walking....walking, walking, walking..yep, right into the sunset.

Meanwhile, back in the sunset ...:) This is a cute scene (But, um, yeah, there are like a gabillion cute scenes in this eppy, so what's new). Anyway, Elena asks Stefan if he's free, and Mr. I-don't-comprehend-how-to-play-it-cool takes all of .000001 seconds to say he is, hehe. Then Elena begins her adorkable scheme to platonically set-up her two fave people. (Which is awesome, b/c I openly platonically ship Befan / Stonnie)

Elena: Dinner, my house, 8 o'clock. You, me, and Bonnie and she'll be able to see what a great guy you are (did I mention you're great?)

Lol, it's so cute how Elena gives herself a non-verbal pat on the back after saying this. Like she's just solved world hunger and is off to solve that pesky problem in the Middle East.

Sorry, hon, I have to be a hunk real quick, I'll get back right back to you.

No prob, babe, love watching you show off.

More prettiness in the hallway. Gotta show off our matching outfits!

After discussing what colors will be mutually flattering for the next episode, it's Elena's turn to start auditioning for best girlfriend ever. She presses him about football, why since he's obviously freakishly good, he hasn't tried out. Vulnerable Stefan comes out:

Stefan: No, I love football. But, in this case, I don't think football likes me. You saw Tyler, over there, and we both know how Matt feels.

This is what I love about Stefan. Even though he definitely comes off a bit arrogant (and sexy) in this episode, it's so obvious how lonely and outcasted he feels.

Cue what I love about Elena in this scene: she instantly picks up on this vulnerability (although obviously she can in no way understand the extent of his issues yet, and encourages him).

"They don't know you (lol, it's funny how many times she'll say this, considering she doesn't know he's a vamp yet). To them you're mysterious loner guy. Wouldn't hurt to be part of. Makes some friends."

Stefan: Says the girl who spends her alone time writing in a cemetery.

Hehe, not only is this a cute jab, but it also demonstrates something I really like about this episode: Stefan and Elena are parallel to each other, on the same page and not at the same time. He's a vampire, she's just a girl, but they're both struggling to move past grief and trying to fit  in again (both, as we know will unfortunately fail).

Elena: Hey! (Makes cute face) There's more to me than gloomy graveyard girl. There's a whole other Elena that you have yet to meet. She was in to everything. Very busy.

Stefan: Well, I look forward to meeting her. (Pointed look) And when will that be?

Time to switch back to Stefan being the supportive boyfriend, encouraging her to exit the land of the Brooding as well.

Love this pic. Totally captures how flirty they are in this episode.

Elena: Soon. She's working on it.

Lol, wow, I guess I love a lot of these pics, I can't choose! This one's really cute, obviously, and shows how they've completely blown off school, class, other basic things, etc  to basically just hang all over each other and be giddy. I mean, seriously, Tanner is in a middle of a lecture and Elena's literally turned sideways in her desk to talk to Stefan.

Look at my lips. They're so kissable.

Once again, literally hanging over the edges of their seats about to fall over to whisper to each other. Cuteness aside, Elena has once again been lobbying her Beau to get out his comfort zone and try out for the team: "Pssss, FYI, our team sucks and they could use you. (Pointed look)"

Cancer Puppy looking on...cancerously...

Elena: Oh, um, sorry, Mr. Tanner, this is a CLASSROOM? I thought it was the place Stefan and I got together to giggle and stare at each other.

Stefan, ever the white horse, rescues Elena from being Tannered. Sit back, hon, I got this.

Yeah, you're right. You totally got it like that.

Look how pretty we are together. Let's gloat.

Not so fast, I was obviously scarred as a child, and now have a creepy chip on my shoulder to take out on all of you.

Bring it.

Elena: Don't mind me, I'll just sit back and enjoy the view.

Stefan vs Tanner: Heavy weight bout. Tanner, who clearly should have been reported / written up by now, thinks he has him cornered.

Elena: Dude, back up off my boyfriend before I high kick you to the head.

But, a shocking twist, the Korean war was 3 years long, not two (yeah, because everyone knows that, um, yeah). Tanner gets Tannered.

Lol, love how it's like a revolution or something. Everyone's literally applauding, and beaming at Stefan. And, Elena's just like, "Am I being punked? 'cus no one's boyfriend should be this awesome." No, hon, you're not being punked, but he does have his fair of, ahem, baggage.

I think these two are literally attached a the hip now. Or that maybe it's like one of those doggie collars or convict bracelets, where if they're a certain distance from each other (I'm guessing two feet at his point), they'll be reported to the soulmate authorities. Anyway, more banter ensues.

What's not so sly and cool of Elena? Her dances move. Girl is seriously rusty. I almost felt embarrassed for her. "Oopps, I didn't quite do it again"

Elena's obviously deflated. But, she's about to see something that will lift her spirits.

(Sees Stefan running in football gear) Awww, he listened to me.

And he ROCKS. Seriously, am I being punked? This is too good to be true. (Eh, well, I guess he does have a slightly unfair advantage, lol)

Cute BFF scene in the kitchen. Seriously hurts my heart to consider how far apart they are now. Adorkably, Elena is trying to pass off takeout as a homecooked meal.

Bonnie: Putting it in a nice bowl, isn't fooling anyone, Elena.

Good thing her culinary skills aren't really going to be a factor for Stefan.


Elena: Did you hear a bird chirp?

Meanwhile, Elena, ever the super-heroine/ hostess  tries to get the ball rolling. Bonnie, ever the creeped-out witch (and understandbly so at this point), keeps deflating it. Elena's patience is running thin and Stefan's all like, "Dude, what do I have B.O. or something?"

Stefan works his charm, and even a psychic-best friend -witch is helpless to resist.

Awww, look how likable we are?

Because all good things must come to an end (And Damon is an evil, yet endearing genius), the end of the party and the happiness arrives...with cake!

Elena's all, "Sure, come in, prey on and me and my whole family," so Stefan tries to intervene.

But, "it's her house, darnit" and everyone--even psychopaths are apparently welcome. They share this serious, but somewhat comical look, cause they're both all "WTF" but for different reasons.

Love this scene. The body language and everything is just perfect. Elena and Stefan constantly mirror each other, and--while uncomfortable--look like a really cute married couple on a double date with their worst nightmares.

Once again, completely mirroring each other and hating their respective nemeses.

Lol, Damon is so evil, but so freaking clever. Love how he plays everyone so easily in these first few eps.

Exhibit A: Totally, makes Elena jealous again, by masterfully bringing up Katherine. She's already been ticked off by Caroline throughout the scene, but when Damon mention's Stefan's ex, her body stiffens and her entire face falls.

Damon: Stefan and I have watched almost every single person we've ever cared about die.

Stefan: There's no reason to go into that, Damon.

Damon: You know what, you're right, Stef; last thing I wanted to do was bring her up.

Ass. Hole.

Obviously, the whole Ex thing is still on her mind again because she brings it up again in the kitchen. She looks (understandably) even more down when she finds out that A) Katherine died tragically in a fire and B) it was "recently". This has "he's not over his ex written all over it."

Damon shows, once again, why he's a psychopath.

Damon: I've been invited in. And I'll come back tomorrow night and the following night and I'll do with your little cheerleader whatever I want. Because that is what is normal to me.

(Dream) Stelena, meanwhile, show why they're hot, lol. Love that they can be both adorbable and scorching. It just shows how dynamic their chemistry is (I guess both Nina / Paul, Stelena)

lol, L.O.V.E. that Elena has a "kick move" and flips him over. Seriously, this girls is full of moves.

What I love even more? How horried / disgusted/ ill she is over picturing Damon in place of Stefan. Either Damon's complusion sucks (which we know is not the case), or she's really just not that into you dude, ;)

Madame Broods A Lot Returns. She realizes that her perfect past is slipping away, that maybe no matter how much she tries, she'll never be that happy / normal again.

Hehee, love how disappointed Stefan is that she's not wearing her cheer leading outfit. He asks about it right away, 'cus clearly he's been picturing it. Elena, is more fortunate, and gets to see him in all his hunky football glory.

Elena: Oooo, look at you; you look hot in your jersey.
Stefan: What happened, no more cheer leader? (Silently dies inside, lol)

Elena: I quit, I'm a quitter.

She's joking about it, playing it off, but clearly--as demonstrated in the previous angsty mirror gazing scene--it really bothers her. Stefan--because, once again, they get each other--instantly see through it. He doesn't answer with a joke, but is completely serious.

Stefan: No, hey, you're not a quitter. You suffered a great loss; you're not the same person. You should be looking ahead. You should be starting over. Okay?

Aww, much? You can totally tell how much his words means to her, and this time when she smiles, it's actually really genuine and touched.

She looks down at their intertwined hands, which I though was really sweet. Seriously, I don't think even they comprehend how close they are to each other after only having just met. Reeks of epic :)

Time to move this from already achingly sweet, to ridunkulously sweet. Once again, they are on two different pages here. Elena's puppy-dog lovin' it up, stoked that her new beau is already committed enough to give her jewelry, and Stefan wants to like, you know, not have her throat ripped out by his psychopathic brother. Even so, it's still sweet, because A) Last time I checked, it's a big step to accept jewelry from a guy (unless you're just like a gold digger or something), and  B) ulterior motive aside, I believe Stefan really does see this as a romantic gesture as well as a protective gesture.

Hence, it's somewhat awkward / endearing babbling: "I hope you don't think this is too soon, or too weird,but, I, uh, wanted you to have this..."

Once again, this really could be too soon,  and too weird, but for them it's not.

Hence  the"OMG, he went to Jared's face", hehe.

Elena: Oh my God, it's beautiful.

Stefan: It's something that I've had forever, and I've never wanted to give to anyone until now. I'd very much like it if you'd wear it for me; for...good luck.

Once again, double meaning galore, but still sweet. Also, if I were Elena I would have been melting, because that's pretty romantic for a guy to say to you. Not to mention, she's been kind of concerned  about the whole "Ex situation", so this is probably more than a  bit of a relief. Kind of reminds of when Isobel (pre-bitchiness) gave that ring to Alaric for protection. It's a "token of love".

Elena: Yup, I'm melting. Please, excuse me while I literally float on air.

So, so adorable.

Elena: I love it.

And, apparently she really, really does, since she never takes the darn thing off. No matter how many times she breaks up with the guy or is afraid she gets that he might, like, bite her or something, she keeps wearing it.

Meanwhile, back in the sunset ...:)

Adorkably shy stolen glances across the crowd.

Stefan. still in the running for best guy ever award is off to save the day again. I love his quiet heroicness. Damon has the flashy thing going for him (and, once again, I do love the other Salvatore brother as well), but Stefan's never about the show. He just very quietly, unassumingly goes to bust up the fight. To bad the fight busts up his hand.

Cue protective Elena. She sprints over to him--after checking on Jeremy (who seriously needs counseling; I mean he could have killed Tyler)--to make sure he's okay.

Enter Teen Cop Elena, 'cus she's no doctor, but hands don't normally heal that fast. Stefan plays if off (and, it really does suck how much he has to lie her in these first episodes. I'm glad she found out he's a vamp relatively quickly). He reassures her that she was just seeing things.

But, Teen Cop/ Lois Lane Elena knows a story when she sees one and goes for the scoop. Bonnie, still completely charmed, at first brushes it off.

But, Elena's on the case, and won't back down.

Elena: No, Bonnie, seriously, what was it? Did you...see something? 

Bonnie proceeds to be a bit creepy (once again, understandably so) and explain how she felt death.

L.O.V.E. this scene. Do I even need to explain why? 

Elena: Let's get one thing straight: I am not Katherine.

Poor, Stefan. Your heart of gold will constantly be broken with him. Stefan is overly confident that Damon has changed, that he has humanity and will not hurt Elena. Damon returns the favor of his brothers' trust by ripping Tanner's throat out.

Love this scene. Love how protective of Elena Stefan is, even helping her put her coat on. Elena is again on a different page, thinking he's just being his normal, ridunkulously chivalrous self (which, he is as well), not knowing about his encounter with Damon. They're book clearly shaken up.

More tenderness. Stefan comforts Elena--and probably himself--while she's still reeling from the attack.

Elena: (voice shaking) What kind of animal could be doing all of this? Why would it come out of the woods and attack someone in the middle of town?

Stefan: I don't know. I don't know.

Teen Cop checks his hand again, because she's understandably shaken up and freaked out and pretty much questioning everything at this point.

Stefan has to deflect again. Then he focuses one what is really important. He grips her hands and tells her, "We're fine. That's what matters." Once again, I think he's really been worried about her safety.

Love how protective he is of her here, and relieved that she's okay.

Elena, while still frazzled, seems equally comforted by the embrace.

Cue more sweetness.

Okay, enough rambling for now :)
youve_got_wings on May 10th, 2010 06:17 pm (UTC)
Very adorable picspam :D it's nice to see some S/E fans
hysteria_3ced: stefan/elenahysteria_3ced on May 11th, 2010 02:46 am (UTC)
Aw, this episode has so many adorable S/E scenes. You captured them all, and I love your commentary.

LOL at "Dude, back up off my boyfriend before I high kick you to the head." The screencap is just perfect for that.
Dani: TVD - Stelena 2lil_miss_coolio on May 11th, 2010 09:11 pm (UTC)
love love love all your picspams...they're so awesome and hilarious at the same time. Love reading them. Looking forward to more :)
shoppermaniashoppermania on May 12th, 2010 07:22 am (UTC)
Aww I love this! I'm so excited to rewatch the episodes because of this, haha.
And at the "lol, L.O.V.E. that Elena has a "kick move" and flips him over. " can I just say, I love the way she flips her hair when she does this, lol
Looking forward to more! Thank you for doing these!
vaegue: Ali Stephensvaegue on May 15th, 2010 09:08 am (UTC)
I'm working backwards.

I think I've completely forgotten about the earlier episodes, in the light of the recent ones. The earlier episodes were flawed, but sweet. And the Stefan Elena moments were great. Lol, I love your commentary. ;p
yiuyiu_smileyiuyiu_smile on May 17th, 2010 04:28 am (UTC)
oracle42oracle42 on May 20th, 2010 08:13 am (UTC)
He is! And he's just the better man.

I miss them just being adorable and in love